New England Regional Cup Rules

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NEP Regional Cup GotSoccer Roster Information


Step 1: Get the right players on the team. Use the help articles below to add new players or remove old players from the team. 


  1. How to add a player to my team: click here 

  2. How do I remove a player from my team entirely: click here (If you need to remove a player only for this event you don’t need to follow this step. Only follow this step if you are removing the player totally from the team)

*Note: Articles 1 and 2 only work if the club has not locked the team’s roster. If the club has locked the roster either the club admin will need to make this change, or the club admin needs to unlock the team so the coach/manager can make the change

Step 2: Once roster is correct, “Generate” team roster for this event: click here


Step 3: Once roster is generated, remove any players not attending this tournament, but still are on this team (Deactivate or release will work, we recommend using the deactivate button): click here

Step 4: Your team’s roster will be frozen by the event director 3 days prior to your first game.


Helpful article for club admins:


  1. If a club admin needs help unlocking a team you can direct them to this article: click here (Make sure the ‘Prevent add/release of players by manager is NOT checked if you want the coach/manager to make their own changes). This function can only be done by a club admin. 

  2. If the club admin does not know how to login we suggest trying an account lookup here: click here 

  3. If you don’t know the e-mail address in the system, contact so that they can assist you in getting an admin account for the club. 


Step 5: Once roster has been updated teams will need to print two game cards, one given to the referee the other to the opposing team. You will not need to print rosters too just the game card. Click here